Life | Holiday Lookbook

Some of you may have noticed on social media that a few weeks ago it was my birthday! My lovely partner decided that for my 25th birthday this year he wanted to take me away for a surprise birthday trip. All he told me was that we would be going to a European destination for 4 nights and the weather would be mild and the holiday would involve lots of walking and sightseeing. This was of course quite hard to pack for and if you know me well then you will know that I am an avid lover of not only all things interior but also fashion. Therefore I have decided to share my holilday lookbook with you all in case it inspires you for your summer holidays this year. I have included links to items  at the bottom of the page where they are still available, those that aren’t I have included similar items.

Day 1

When I travel internationally I always like to wear relatively comfortable clothes to the airport as I tend to get pretty cold on flights. With this in mind, I wore my jeans with rips in from TKMaxx and then a flannel shirt from Stradivarius. I took my favourite rain mac from Topshop and my suitcase from Primark. I also wore my very cute white trainers with the pom poms on also from TKMaxx. I soon found out we were going to the lovely and beautiful city of Florence! When we arrived it was quite late so I kept my shirt on and touched up my make-up and then threw on my white jeggings from New Look.

Day 2

The first full day in Florence was my birthday and the weather was a bit overcast so I decided to wear my favourite T-Shirt from H&M along with my pink trousers from Pretty Little Thing. I then paired this with my Peach Converse for a fun and colourful look. In the evening we went to an Italian cooking class so I wore my yellow lace shift dress from Warehouse, a plain white cardigan from Oasis and my white jelly shoes with some white frilly socks. However we got so drunk that I forgot to take a picture so have done a flatlay for you instead!


Day 3

We had planned a lot of walking for day 3 in Florence so I wanted to wear something comfortable but pretty at the same time so I wore my ripped jeans again along with a cool T-Shirt I picked up in Primark. As the weather wasn’t the best I took my rain mac and wore my most comfortable walking shoes. I then wore an asymmetric peplum top from ASOS and my white jeggings in the evening with my white trainers.

Day 4

This was our last full day in the beautiful city and the weather was glorious so I busted out my shorts for the first time! There are navy with birds on from Zara and I paired them with my plain pink T-Shirt from Jack Wills. I then wore my white cardigan and trainers. As the weather was still warm in the evening I wore my denim dungaree dress from Forever 21 and my frilly pink top from Miss Selfridge and paired it with my jelly shoes.

Day 5

On our last day I wore my white trainers again (can you tell how much I love them) with my pink trousers and white Coachella top from H&M. As I was so sad about coming home I completely forgot to take a photo of me wearing it all so have included a photo of the top for you instead!

Short top - White - Ladies | H&M GB

I managed to fit all of these outfits into my little hand luggage case and then some more that didn’t get used as the weather wasn’t good enough! Not to mention I had toiletries on top. It just goes to show that if you plan ahead and make sure you have outfits that you can mix and match you can pack for a short break quite easily. Let me know what outfits are your favourite and what you’ll be wearing on your holidays this year.

Topshop Pink Rain Mac

Jeans with Rips

Stradivarius Checked Shirt

White Trainers with PomPoms

New Look White Jeggings

Peach Converse

Pink Trousers

Yellow Lace Dress

White Jelly Shoes

White Cardigan

Clam Shell Top

Red Asymmetric Top

Navy Zara Shorts

Pink Wills Top

Pink Ruffle Top

Denim Dungaree Dress

H&M Coachella Top

Life | HomeSense Stationary Haul

Hopefully by now all of my lovely MissPinkChloe followers will know how much I love HomeSense and hauls! So for today’s post I have combined the two plus my excessive love of stationary!

Rather than go on a massive blow out shopping spree in HomeSense, I have spread the cost a little bit and started collecting bits of stationary as and when I see them in HomeSense. The reason for this is because they don’t stock the same items all the time so when you see something you love you have to grab it. I have been collecting the bits in this post for a few months so I am sorry to any of you who want to go and get them and can’t! So let’s get started…

First up is this set of three mini notebooks that I picked up for £3.99 for all three. They come in different colours with a Blue, Pink and Yellow one and each has a different word printed on the front in gold foil. These I thought were so cute for travelling or popping in your handbag. The Yellow one says “Plans” on the front and I’m going to keep it in my handbag to jot down my blog ideas. Often an idea strikes me whilst I’m out and about and it will be nice to have one place to keep them all so that I am the ultimate organisation queen.

Next I bought this little memo block in a cute marbled case. The lid is magnetic and has the word Notes written on it in gold foil. The bits of paper inside are all glued together so that you can tear them off one by one. I picked this up for £3.99 and it will look so cute sitting on my desk for those tasks that crop up and need writing down.

I then bought a couple of larger note pads that will be for writing down daily notes rather than quick notes. The first is this gorgeous marbled list note pad with a god foiled triangle on the bottom right hand corner. Can you sense a theme yet with the marble and gold foil?! This one was £2.99 and matches a file organiser I also have on my desk which is why I couldn’t resist it! I also bought a larger A5 mint green note pad that says “Today” at the top with a space to write the date next to it. It also has a list that says “Priorities” then a section at the bottom for “Notes” and “Upcoming”. I think this pad is probably the epitome of daily organisation which is why I bought it. I’ve already taken the tag off but I’m pretty sure it was £3.99 and I love it!

Then I picked up this beautiful A5 notebook. It is pink and marble all over and then says “More Love” in gold foil across the front. And if that isn’t good enough for you the pages are also gold foil around the edges for that little bit of glam. This was £4.99 and is perfect for taking meeting minutes or planning your dreams and aspirations. As it says more love across the front I think I will probably use this notebook like a journal to help remind me that sometimes you need to treat yourself with a little more love.

Lastly, I bought this very luxurious feeling notebook. This is kind of between A5 and A4 sizing and is in a grey leather feel and says “Making things Happen” on the front in rose gold foiling. The pages inside are ruled with a “Date” and “Time” heading at the top which makes this notebook perfect for meetings at work. This was a little pricier at £7.99 but I thought it was so lovely that I had to buy it.

And that’s everything I’ve picked up lately from HomeSense in the stationary section. Let me know please if you are an avid lover of all things stationary and where you get your kicks from!


Life | 5 Things I Learnt When We Bought Our First Home

Getting on the property ladder is not easy these days for most 20 somethings but when we completed on our house back in December 2015 I had no idea of the journey I was about to begin together with my boyfriend. We’d saved for almost 2 years religiously and now we had a place to call our own. For the first 3 months in our new dwelling I wasn’t working which meant endless days of DIY to get the house up to a decent standard. Now we’ve been here for over a year I thought now would be as good a time as any to share some thoughts with you all on what I learned in the first year and what I would say to my younger self given the chance. So here goes…

  1. Learn from your mistakes.

You will make mistakes after you buy your first property and probably a lot of them before you find your way. This is 100% normal and totally worth it because otherwise your work will never have progression and you can’t pass your wisdom onto other friends and family members when they buy a property. The amount of times we have painted a wall and regretted it and then painted over the top or bought about 20 tester pots and still managed not to find the perfect colour I cannot tell you. The good thing is that most mistakes can be either re-done or rectified to some extent – even if it costs you more in the long run. Which leads nicely to my next point…

2. Buy cheap, buy twice.

Yes it is true what they say, buy cheap and buy twice! We have replaced the U bend under our sink 4 times in a year because we kept thinking “oh the cheap and cheerful PVC pipes will do us”. No it didn’t do us at all, and in the end we spent more money than if we’d have just bought the right one the first time! Of course there are some products that will suit you fine being of a lower value such as emulsion paints and home accessories but when it comes to tools, fixtures and fittings I would definitely urge you to buy those that are a little more expensive but will more than likely have a longer life in them.

3. YouTube is a godsend!

I can’t even remember how many times we googled something to find out how to do it when it came to decorating. In these cases, YouTube was our saviour. There are so many things you can find out by watching tutorials and because it is more visual, it is hard to misinterpret the instructions and get things wrong. When it came to tasks such as plumbing and electrics it was especially useful because the risks involved were much higher than just painting or decorating and had it have gone wrong it could’ve had a significant effect on the house not to mention our health!

4. Preparation is key.

I am a very impatient person so as soon as I have an idea in my head I want to start it straight away but whenever we did this we found that we needed to pop out and buy extra tools halfway through the job which meant a delay in completing it. Just make sure that before you start something you have absolutely everything you need to finish that job. Another piece of advice is to measure everything 3 times minimum. We recently capped off some copper pipes under our floorboards and stupidly forgot to measure the size of the pipes and ended up having to buy 2 different size end caps just in case one didn’t fit! Just make sure you buy anything you might need because you can always take it back if you don’t use it.

5. Don’t bodge job. EVER.

You might think that using a bit of tape to secure something “will do for now” but just don’t do it. It won’t last and it will cause you problems further down the line. The previous owners of our house were clearly bodge jobbers as every single project we have taken on has been delayed as the first few days are spent undoing all the messy work they did before us. Trust me when I say just do it properly the first time round. If that isn’t an option then do a short term fix and schedule in when you will fix that item or project properly and then work towards it so that your short term fix is only that – short term.

Those are my holy grail tips for now. If you guys like content like this then please let me know and I will endeavour to write more! Happy DIY-ing all!