DIY | Pallet Footstool

Some of the keen-eyed amongst you have noticed before now that there is a new furniture item in my lounge sitting pretty. This is my do-it-yourself pallet footstool made from scratch by yours truly! I have never made a furniture piece before but I wanted to do this project for so long so last summer … Continue reading DIY | Pallet Footstool



A while back I showed you my IKEA light hack for my entrance way. Well today I have a new IKEA hack for you but this time it involves the metal shelving unit "HYLLIS". If you know me well, you'll know that I have a rather large shoe collection. As part of my ongoing hunt … Continue reading DIY | IKEA HYLLIS Hack

DIY | Spraying Window Locks

When you buy an older property, in fact most resale properties, you will find that a lot of the fixtures and fittings such as door handles and window locks are gold and not silver. It's not that I have anything against gold, it's just that I find silver goes with white doors and window frames … Continue reading DIY | Spraying Window Locks


DIY | Wallpaper Flooring

Yes you are reading that title correctly - this post is one of my most adventurous ones yet! As an enthusiast of home decor and all that comes with it I try my best to keep up with current trends and one that is doing the rounds at the moment is using wallpaper on your … Continue reading DIY | Wallpaper Flooring