Decor | My Old Bedroom

So I have mentioned on a few blog posts the bits and pieces I have done for my old bedroom at my parents house so thought I would show you some photos of the decor and what little bits make up the finished room. So for the colours on the walls I went for Mango … Continue reading Decor | My Old Bedroom


Decor | Homeware Haul

I cannot tell you how excited I was to write my first haul post on the blog. I absolutely love spending hours on YouTube watching other people's hauls. I don't know why, maybe because I'm so nosey but either way I really enjoy it! So I thought I would share my latest purchases with you … Continue reading Decor | Homeware Haul

Decor | Autumn Home Decor

Following on from my last post featuring the DIY Candle Wreath, I wanted to go all out in preparation for the festive season and decorate the house with all things autumnal. By recognising the change in seasons and reflecting this in your house it means you can still feel warm and happy when the dark … Continue reading Decor | Autumn Home Decor