About Me

Welcome visitors! I’m Chloe, 24, from Bedfordshire in the UK. Since a young age I have been a lover of all things creative, be that writing, crafting, painting or doing! After living in Spain for a short amount of time, I did a stint at Italia Conti Performing Arts School in London. Deciding being poor and hungry wasn’t for me, I went into full time employment using my skills in languages (did I mention I’m multilingual?!).

Since working full time in 2012, I have always had little side projects to keep me busy. Over the years, my time has gradually been spent channeling my creativity into these projects more and more. Now my beautiful partner and I have finally bought our first home together, the era of MissPinkChloe has truly blossomed. Hence the much needed blog where I can share my projects, DIY tips and updates for all you lovely people.

I am also training part time as a freelance Interior Designer and am more than happy for people to get in contact with me for help and advice on their spaces so that I can build my portfolio. If you are interested in talking to me about this or finding out more then please submit your details and I will get in touch with you.

Happy reading!


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