Life | How I Clean My Microwave

Ok so you may read the heading of this post and think, “of course I know how to clean a microwave. I’m not an idiot”, but let me tell you now there is the hard way and the easy way! I am here to let you in on one of my little life hacks to make a much unloved task that little bit easier…

Please excuse my utterly disgusting Microwave!

Firstly you will need a Lemon, a microwavable bowl, some kitchen roll or a sponge and some water. What I usually do is fill my bowl with warm water and then slice the lemon in half and pop that in the bowl. The aim of this is that you will put your bowl in the microwave and heat the water so that it makes the dirt on the inside of the microwave less arduous to clean. Bear in mind that the more water you fill your bowl with the longer you will need to heat it for to bring it to the optimum temperature.

After setting my microwave to the highest heat setting, I place my bowl of water and lemon into the microwave and heat it for about 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes there is no steam within the microwave then keep going until there is. You basically want to steam clean the microwave from within to shift the dirt and bacteria. The lemon not only will add antibacterial benefits but it also makes it smell nice!


Once your appliance is nice and hot and steamy, you want to remove the bowl and then grab your sponge or kitchen roll. Now it is just a case of wiping off the insides and making sure they are all clean. If some of the dirt is a bit harder to shift then pop your bowl back in for another few minutes and try again until you are happy with the results!

That is basically it! I told you it was easy…


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