Upcycle | Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

A few weeks ago my sister moved into her new house that she’s purchased with her boyfriend, huge congrats to them! They snapped up a gorgeous period property with a lot of character. Sadly, the previous owners had neglected it somewhat and it clearly needed some TLC. The room she wanted to tackle first was the kitchen. The units and cupboard doors were actually in very good condition. The only issue was that they had been painted with a white kitchen and bathroom emulsion paint so they weren’t in the best state. I knew that my sister wanted grey cabinets so we popped into town, bought the necessary tools and set to work on a Saturday lunchtime.

I usually work with chalk paint when upcycling furniture but as these were kitchen cupboards I knew we needed to work with a gloss paint so that they were more hard wearing and could be wiped clean when needed so my sister settled on the Wilko Mineral Stone cupboard paint. I firstly removed all the cupboards off the frames and took all the handles off. I then sanded down all the cupboard fronts as there were large splodges of paint and dirt that needed to go. After a brush down they were ready for painting. I applied the first coat with a foam roller and then used a 50mm brush to paint in the corners where the roller wouldn’t reach. They needed a good 6 hours to dry so we left them outside until the evening. We then applied another coat to the fronts of the cupboards and bought them inside to dry completely overnight.

Whilst the cupboards were drying we painted the frames of the units using a brush on the smaller sections and a roller on the large end panels. We only did one coat of this at the end of the day as we didn’t want a lot of dust being kicked up into the air and disturbing the finish of them. We then finished off with a second coat the next day.

Early the next morning we painted all the sides of the cupboards using a brush and left them to dry until about mid-morning. We then painted the insides of the cupboards using a brush for the cornering and a roller for the main area of the doors. Whilst they were drying I decided to tackle the brass handles that were originally on there. These were in good condition and apart from looking a little dated there was nothing wrong with them. There was 18 of them all together so buying new handles wasn’t an option when they can be £1.50 each and upward. Using my trusty old friend spray paint I set to work. My sister wanted a chrome finish to the handles so we bought this spray paint to use. After a light sand to clear the surface of debris, we laid all the handles out onto a dust sheet and sprayed them with an even coat. Once that was dry we then sprayed the underside of them too. Because the old screws were brass as well we decided to buy new ones at £1 for a large pack. The handles came out really well in the end and we were satisfied that they would fit in better with the new cupboard colours.

In the afternoon, once the cabinet doors had had 4 hours to dry fully, we began reattaching the handles. We then attached the cupboard doors back onto the frames and put everything back together. That was pretty much everything we needed to do for the cupboard makeover as using this paint you don’t need to varnish the furniture as it will cure and harden after 3 days. Now the kitchen has had a face lift my sister feels so much better about the whole room in general. I am so pleased with the effort put into this DIY and how fabulous the outcome is. It certainly looks better already and we can now tackle other areas of the room like that oven…



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