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Some of you may have noticed on social media that a few weeks ago it was my birthday! My lovely partner decided that for my 25th birthday this year he wanted to take me away for a surprise birthday trip. All he told me was that we would be going to a European destination for 4 nights and the weather would be mild and the holiday would involve lots of walking and sightseeing. This was of course quite hard to pack for and if you know me well then you will know that I am an avid lover of not only all things interior but also fashion. Therefore I have decided to share my holilday lookbook with you all in case it inspires you for your summer holidays this year. I have included links to items  at the bottom of the page where they are still available, those that aren’t I have included similar items.

Day 1

When I travel internationally I always like to wear relatively comfortable clothes to the airport as I tend to get pretty cold on flights. With this in mind, I wore my jeans with rips in from TKMaxx and then a flannel shirt from Stradivarius. I took my favourite rain mac from Topshop and my suitcase from Primark. I also wore my very cute white trainers with the pom poms on also from TKMaxx. I soon found out we were going to the lovely and beautiful city of Florence! When we arrived it was quite late so I kept my shirt on and touched up my make-up and then threw on my white jeggings from New Look.

Day 2

The first full day in Florence was my birthday and the weather was a bit overcast so I decided to wear my favourite T-Shirt from H&M along with my pink trousers from Pretty Little Thing. I then paired this with my Peach Converse for a fun and colourful look. In the evening we went to an Italian cooking class so I wore my yellow lace shift dress from Warehouse, a plain white cardigan from Oasis and my white jelly shoes with some white frilly socks. However we got so drunk that I forgot to take a picture so have done a flatlay for you instead!


Day 3

We had planned a lot of walking for day 3 in Florence so I wanted to wear something comfortable but pretty at the same time so I wore my ripped jeans again along with a cool T-Shirt I picked up in Primark. As the weather wasn’t the best I took my rain mac and wore my most comfortable walking shoes. I then wore an asymmetric peplum top from ASOS and my white jeggings in the evening with my white trainers.

Day 4

This was our last full day in the beautiful city and the weather was glorious so I busted out my shorts for the first time! There are navy with birds on from Zara and I paired them with my plain pink T-Shirt from Jack Wills. I then wore my white cardigan and trainers. As the weather was still warm in the evening I wore my denim dungaree dress from Forever 21 and my frilly pink top from Miss Selfridge and paired it with my jelly shoes.

Day 5

On our last day I wore my white trainers again (can you tell how much I love them) with my pink trousers and white Coachella top from H&M. As I was so sad about coming home I completely forgot to take a photo of me wearing it all so have included a photo of the top for you instead!

Short top - White - Ladies | H&M GB

I managed to fit all of these outfits into my little hand luggage case and then some more that didn’t get used as the weather wasn’t good enough! Not to mention I had toiletries on top. It just goes to show that if you plan ahead and make sure you have outfits that you can mix and match you can pack for a short break quite easily. Let me know what outfits are your favourite and what you’ll be wearing on your holidays this year.

Topshop Pink Rain Mac

Jeans with Rips

Stradivarius Checked Shirt

White Trainers with PomPoms

New Look White Jeggings

Peach Converse

Pink Trousers

Yellow Lace Dress

White Jelly Shoes

White Cardigan

Clam Shell Top

Red Asymmetric Top

Navy Zara Shorts

Pink Wills Top

Pink Ruffle Top

Denim Dungaree Dress

H&M Coachella Top


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