Upcycle | Office Chair

If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I am in the process of redecorating my spare bedroom. Fear not, once it has been completed there will be a blog post but in the meantime I thought I would post about each of the little bits I have done individually and then finish off with a room reveal! Part of the new bedroom needed to have a dressing table for me to store all my make-up and beauty bits and a desk for my other half to work at in the evenings. I will put up a post very shortly about these two items but before then I will tell you about the office chair I managed to upcycle for my boyfriends desk.

I don’t feel like office chairs are stylish enough these days and if you look for one online you will often find the leather tall backed ones with their cumbersome wheels and stands. However, I had seen a beautiful office chair on made.com but unfortunately I didn’t have the £200 spare to pay for it! I was looking at something a little like the below chairs.

Looking for a new project I trawled through eBay and Gumtree desperate to find an office chair I could do something with but I was having no luck. That’s when I saw the perfect project for me in a chair from Asda. It was £39 brand new and had removable cushions which meant I could do something with it and if I couldn’t then I hadn’t broken the bank. I decided to purchase the chair and let my other half build it – I know I am so very kind! Once built, he confirmed it was comfortable enough to work in our spare bedroom for him so I started talking through my ideas for it. He agreed I could go with a blue and copper theme, in keeping with the bedroom’s decor but still with a masculine feel to it. So I set about planning…


I wanted to originally dye the cushion sections of the chair in a dark royal blue but I discovered that I couldn’t actually remove them so went to plan B. This was to use a fabric spray paint to dye the chair instead. I had read good reviews of this paint and settled on the Caribbean Blue colour. It was a bit lighter than I wanted but thought it best to go light and then I could always spray it darker if I wanted to. The paint arrived and I set to work spraying the fabric areas of the chair all over. When using spray paint it is always best to do the first spray on a piece of paper as it always comes out a bit spluttered. Using even strokes I sprayed the chair all over and then left it for 48 hours to absorb into the material fully. I then sprayed another coat and by the time I was done I had used the whole can. Once this second coat had dried I was really happy with the colour and consistency of the dye. The only thing was this blue didn’t quite go with the chrome legs it was resting on so next I tackled the base.

Using a copper spray paint (can you tell how much I love spray paint?) I turned the chair upside down and covered the fabric areas with a dust cloth. I then sprayed in even strokes the copper paint onto the legs of the chair. I did this in stages, making sure I turned the position of the chair around each time I painted so that all areas of the chair were covered. You might need to turn it upside down again to ensure it is all covered by the paint. With the copper spray paint I use, you can leave it only 20 minutes between coats so I was able to do the whole application in one evening.

Once I had sprayed the legs of the chair I was much happier with the result and my partner was impressed too! It just goes to show that functional doesn’t have to be boring and you really can spruce anything up!



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