Life | HomeSense Stationary Haul

Hopefully by now all of my lovely MissPinkChloe followers will know how much I love HomeSense and hauls! So for today’s post I have combined the two plus my excessive love of stationary!

Rather than go on a massive blow out shopping spree in HomeSense, I have spread the cost a little bit and started collecting bits of stationary as and when I see them in HomeSense. The reason for this is because they don’t stock the same items all the time so when you see something you love you have to grab it. I have been collecting the bits in this post for a few months so I am sorry to any of you who want to go and get them and can’t! So let’s get started…

First up is this set of three mini notebooks that I picked up for £3.99 for all three. They come in different colours with a Blue, Pink and Yellow one and each has a different word printed on the front in gold foil. These I thought were so cute for travelling or popping in your handbag. The Yellow one says “Plans” on the front and I’m going to keep it in my handbag to jot down my blog ideas. Often an idea strikes me whilst I’m out and about and it will be nice to have one place to keep them all so that I am the ultimate organisation queen.

Next I bought this little memo block in a cute marbled case. The lid is magnetic and has the word Notes written on it in gold foil. The bits of paper inside are all glued together so that you can tear them off one by one. I picked this up for £3.99 and it will look so cute sitting on my desk for those tasks that crop up and need writing down.

I then bought a couple of larger note pads that will be for writing down daily notes rather than quick notes. The first is this gorgeous marbled list note pad with a god foiled triangle on the bottom right hand corner. Can you sense a theme yet with the marble and gold foil?! This one was £2.99 and matches a file organiser I also have on my desk which is why I couldn’t resist it! I also bought a larger A5 mint green note pad that says “Today” at the top with a space to write the date next to it. It also has a list that says “Priorities” then a section at the bottom for “Notes” and “Upcoming”. I think this pad is probably the epitome of daily organisation which is why I bought it. I’ve already taken the tag off but I’m pretty sure it was £3.99 and I love it!

Then I picked up this beautiful A5 notebook. It is pink and marble all over and then says “More Love” in gold foil across the front. And if that isn’t good enough for you the pages are also gold foil around the edges for that little bit of glam. This was £4.99 and is perfect for taking meeting minutes or planning your dreams and aspirations. As it says more love across the front I think I will probably use this notebook like a journal to help remind me that sometimes you need to treat yourself with a little more love.

Lastly, I bought this very luxurious feeling notebook. This is kind of between A5 and A4 sizing and is in a grey leather feel and says “Making things Happen” on the front in rose gold foiling. The pages inside are ruled with a “Date” and “Time” heading at the top which makes this notebook perfect for meetings at work. This was a little pricier at £7.99 but I thought it was so lovely that I had to buy it.

And that’s everything I’ve picked up lately from HomeSense in the stationary section. Let me know please if you are an avid lover of all things stationary and where you get your kicks from!


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