DIY | How I Paint My Radiators

Now that spring has finally sprung, I am on a mission to get my to-do’s done. One of those was renovating our spare bedroom. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know that I have recently laid a new floor, painted and put new furniture in so that we can use our spare room like an office/dressing room. It’s not completely finished yet and when it is I promise to put up a post but one part of the make-over involved me painting the radiator. Why you ask? Well, the previous owners of our house had painted over every single radiator with a creamy emulsion so that they blended into the walls. This isn’t really my style so I wanted to give it an update.

As the emulsion paint that had been used on the radiator was so thick, I firstly needed to clean and sand the radiator. To do this I used a coarse grit sandpaper and made sure the entire surface was smooth and free of lumps and bumps of paint. I then wiped the radiator down with white spirit and a cloth. It  is worth mentioning that if you give this a go yourself you will need to turn the radiator off beforehand and let it cool down completely.

Next I took a large paintbrush (50mm) and some radiator paint and began applying a very thin layer off paint to the radiator. It is best to use long strokes for this as otherwise you can get brush marks in your radiator and it can look a little amateur. Once the first coat is dry then sand it down with some very fine sand paper or a sanding pad. You will then need to brush off the excess and apply the second coat. Depending on how dark your radiators are will determine how many coats you will need to apply.


Once you are finished your radiators should be looking like brand new! Mine certainly are. Something simple like this can really help to open a room up and give it a new lease of life. I love seeing clean white radiators like this and have already updated the rest of the ones in my home. Let me know what decorating you plan to tackle this spring – I’d love to see your projects.



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