Farmhouse Table & Chairs – The Update

A few weeks back I posted about my farmhouse table and chairs upcycling project and you all loved it! Well I have a little update for you as I recently purchased 2 farmhouse style carver chairs to go at the end of my dining table. I managed to get these off Facebook for a mere £30 for the pair and the plan was to paint them in a different colour to the other chairs so that they would be an accent piece to the room. As they would be going in our conservatory which is quite neutral, I chose to go for a Duck Egg Blue colour to match the walls of our kitchen so that some of the theme from the kitchen would carry through to the conservatory. I bought my paint and then set to work.

The chairs themselves were in pretty good condition and didn’t need sanding all over just on the bottoms of the legs where they were a bit scuffed up. After a light sand on the legs, they were ready for painting. For this project I went with a larger 50mm Harris brush as there was a lot of surface area to cover with the chairs. For the first coat I painted it quite thinly as I didn’t want there to be lot’s of drips of paint or clumps of it so I thought a light coat for the base would be better in this case.

Once the first coat had dried I sanded it down with a sanding pad very finely. I never used to do this but I did it on another project and got much smoother results so I now sand down my projects between each coat of paint as the overall finish is of a much better quality. I then painted the second coat in the same way as the first. When painting items like chairs it is always best to paint from the legs upwards. I usually flip my chairs over onto a table so that any drips of paint go up towards the underneath of the chair where they won’t be seen.

Once the second coat had dried, I buffed it with my sanding block again. To finish the chairs and protect them from future damage I then applied a few light coats of clear matt varnish as I always do. I prefer varnish to wax as it is more durable and furniture such as chairs get so used over their time that I didn’t want to be doing touch ups every week. When the chairs were finished I put them at the end of my table and admired them. I was so happy with them but something just seemed off. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but then I realised that the existing chairs were not painted all over and some of the pine was exposed which was throwing my blue chairs off as there was just too much going on!

So I then got my trusty Antique White paint out and set to work painting over the pine sections of my other chairs so that they were white all over. Using the same method as above I painted two coats and sanded between and then applied two light coats of varnish. Once they were all done I was so much happier with the overall look! It’s important to remember that when you do projects at home you might come across things you don’t like or your original plan hasn’t quite worked out and this is more than okay. I am constantly looking at things I am not 100% happy about and changing them until I am. These little details are what make a house a home. Let me know if you love my new chairs as much as I do and if you are looking forward to the next post!




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