DIY | Framed Monograms

As a budding interior design enthusiast, I follow a lot of other bloggers that write about their home and similar themes. One of the bloggers I follow is Charlotte Valentine over at The Home That Made Me. Her posts are always so inspiring and one particular one really caught my eye where she had made some framed monograms to go on the wall above her headboard. I loved how simple and classy these looked and decided to give it a go myself.

In her post she used the large Ribba frames from IKEA but I wanted mine to be a bit smaller so I went with the smaller frames instead. I then bought a C and a J from eBay and an ampersand symbol too. As these frames were going on the wall above our bed which has stripey wallpaper on it, I wanted them to stand out so I decided to paint the background of them in the same pink that’s on the opposite wall to tie the theme into the frames a bit more. The colour on my walls is Raspberry Meld by Wilkinsons so I painted the cardboard backs of the frames in this colour. I then glued the letters on using my hot glue gun making sure they were central within the frame. It was then just a case of assembling it all together and working out where I wanted them on the wall.

For the ampersand I could only find one in a natural wood colour so I painted it white using some leftover chalk paint and then drilled two holes in the back so that It could be hung onto the wall. I positioned it on the wall equal distance between the two frames.

I love the look of this easy DIY – the hardest part was getting everything to hang straight and with equal distances to one another on the wall! Thanks to Charlotte for the inspiration on today’s post and I’d love to see if any of you have tried this too.


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