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I cannot tell you how excited I was to write my first haul post on the blog. I absolutely love spending hours on YouTube watching other people’s hauls. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m so nosey but either way I really enjoy it! So I thought I would share my latest purchases with you all.


If you don’t shop in Primark or ever go to the home section then you are most definitely missing out. The range of candles they have is extensive and very reasonably priced. I usually get most of my candles from Primark but occasionally they have some other items that are worth buying like bedding and soft furnishings. On my latest trip I picked up a round cushion with pom pom accents round the edges. Our spare bedroom isn’t decorated yet but the plan is to create a Moroccan feel with loads of rich and vibrant colours so when I saw this cushion I knew it would go well. Also, it was an absolute steal at £5! I also picked up an arrangement of candles including two large three wick candles both priced at £3, a square candle also priced at £3 and two mini diffusers which I thought would be perfect for either my desk at work or my dressing table. These were both £1 each and they were just too cute to not buy. Lastly, I managed to get 40 LED fairy lights in warm white for £2.50 which I am planning to use for an upcoming DIY so watch this space!


Now if any of you know me then you will know this is my favourite home shop in the whole world. I regularly pop in on my way home from work looking for a hidden gem. On my last spontaneous visit I picked up a square orange cushion with pom pom detailing a lot like the one I found in Primark. I thought the colours of this cushion would compliment the other one so well and given it was in the clearance at £11 I didn’t think twice about it.


I don’t often make a visit over to my local Matalan but when I do I always manage to find something practical and pretty. This time, I was pleased to find an oven glove with duck egg blue on it. I have two oven gloves at home already but they don’t really fit the theme of our kitchen so when I saw this priced at £5 I knew I needed it! The other item I bought in Matalan is a large candle. The scent is Pineapple and Coconut and Matalan do this scent every year and every year I buy it. It is probably one of my favourite candle smells ever! They always seem to put it in such a pretty package too. This year it comes in a tall hurricane vase with a tropical leaf pattern on it – very on trend for 2017 so kudos to Matalan.

That’s about it for this time but if you love posts like these then please let me know by showing it some love and I will make sure I do more hauls in the future! Links to some products are below:

Round Cushion – Primark

Marble Three Wick Candle – Primark

Pink Three Wick Candle – Primark

Duck Egg Blue Oven Gloves – Matalan

Tropical Leaf Print Candle – Matalan


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