DIY | Cork Box Frame

As an avid lover of wine and alcohol in general, I’ve often wondered how to store the endless supply of corks I seem to collect. If you browse through Pinterest you will come across so many ideas of how to put your corks to good use. There are many options out there but one of my favourites is the wine cork box that you place on your wall and it has some kind of cheesy saying across the front of the glass. Much like the one below.63442fbe8f7884bddaedd46d1a353ff2

Apologies in advance if this offends any of you but for me this one is just a little too garish for my taste. I wanted something much more personalised and special that demonstrated my individual style and personality. I trawled through the internet for hours and all my searches were coming up with nil points. At this point, and after a few glasses of Merlot, I decided to tackle my own version of one of this and do a MissPinkChloe DIY Cork Box Frame.

In order to fit the abundance of corks we had collected since moving in, I knew I had to find a frame that was deep enough and big enough to look good on the wall. Most box frames are large enough to fit corks in depth wise but are generally used for flower pressing and other crafts so aren’t often made big enough as an overall unit. I then stumbled across the perfect one for me in The Range. It was white which was perfect for my lounge colours, and had a neutral fabric background so I knew it would go perfectly with my existing decor.

Firstly, I needed to find a way of drilling a hole into the frame so that I could fit my corks in. I originally wanted the hole on the front of the glass but it was far too tough to drill. So instead I bought one of these and then drilled a hole in the top of the frame so that I could put the corks in that way. Make sure you get a hole saw that is the correct size for your drill and watch your fingers! You might also want to measure your biggest cork so that you buy a drill bit the correct size to fit corks in. I generally find a 32 mm drill bit or bigger suits fine.

Luckily, this box frame already has picture hooks installed on the back so all I had to do to finish this off was hang it on my wall. Of course, if you are making one you can paint yours whatever colour you like or do a funky design on the front of the glass. I decided to get some liquid chalk pens and write messages on mine like a notice board. I also made one of these for my mother-in-law for her birthday and ordered a sticker for the front which you can see below. Let me know what you think of these, I absolutely love these and will be making many more as gifts for people.





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