DIY | Bathroom Bits

I’ve spoken about various pieces of DIY I have done a my parents house and today is another one of those. The main bathroom in their house was predominantly mine as everyone else had an en-suite…lucky things! The white suite and white walls were just far too plain for my liking so I set about trying to find some accessories to brighten the place up. At the time, Dunelm did a “Haven Brights” bathroom collection that consisted of white accessories each with three stripes on in Lime Green, Plum and Teal.

This collection was the perfect mix of colours and neutrals and would fit perfectly. I bought the toothbrush holder, towels and candles but when I came to purchase the mirror I noticed it was just too small. I wanted a statement mirror to look the part against a tall white wall but the only one in the collection was hand mirror size and not dramatic enough for my vision. Instead I bought a plain white round mirror with indented lines on that I thought would work perfectly for a DIY.

Using acrylic paint and a mixing palette I mixed up three colours to match those on the accessories and set to work upgrading my mirror. Working around the mirror I painted in the indents of the lines rotating through the three colours. I did this fairly randomly so that it looked as though it had always been this way. Once I’d finished I left my mirror to dry whilst I worked on a bathroom blind…


I’ve never understood why bathroom blinds are so bland! You get all these gorgeous patterns for bedrooms and lounges but never for bathrooms. Because of this I ended up buying a plain bathroom roller blind and DIY-ing it to match the decor. Using the leftover paint I’d mixed I drew three lines on the bottom of the blind and masking taped off the sections I didn’t want painted. I then painted on a line in each of the three colours to match the accessories. Once I was done I left the blind to dry before fixing it to the wall.

I was so pleased with the finished look of these items and they really helped to brighten up my bathroom. It is certainly an idea I would use again should I be faced with a drab bathroom that is in need of some colour. If you liked this post don’t forget to click the “Like” button below and follow the blog for inspiration and ideas straight to your inbox.





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