DIY | Moroccan Mirror

When we lived in Spain there was a small shop in a nearby town that sold the most eclectic pieces of home furnishings and small bits of furniture. One item I fell in love with as soon as I saw it was an ornately looking mirror with a Moroccan theme to it. It was so beautiful that we bought it there and then and I loved it so much that I even brought it back to the UK with me when we moved back.


Nowadays it lives at my parents house in Warwickshire but when I used to live with them I had it up on my wall and displayed it with pride. The only issue was that it wasn’t big enough to be a full length mirror so I wanted one to match it. Of course I had absolutely no luck in finding one that was the same but I thought I could get my hands on one of a similar nature. Alas I was mistaken and had to set about thinking outside the box so that I didn’t have to get rid of my pride and joy. I’ve spoken about The Range before in this post and how great their mirrors are. This was where I started my search for a similar shaped mirror that I could adapt to match my existing one.

I managed to find a full length black mirror that had a similar style to it, I just had to work out how to get the colour to match. My current mirror was glittery with hues of Red, Blue and Yellow that looked slightly Purple when blended together. I could also tell that there was a Bronze undertone to the mirror. After thinking and looking at it closely I bought the following materials. Bronze spray paint, Blue, Red, Purple and Gold glitter glue and painting sponges.

Firstly I prepped my mirror by putting newspaper over it and masking tape to protect the glass from paint and then began setting to work. I used my bronze spray paint and my sponge and sprayed a little bit onto the sponge and rubbed it over the surface of the mirror frame. I did this little by little and built it up because I didn’t want to fully go over the black frame I just wanted a bronzed look to it but with bits of black coming through. Once I was happy with it I left it to dry overnight. I then took a paper plate (these are perfect for mixing and crafting as you can just throw them away afterwards) and squeezed a bit of each colour of glitter glue onto it. Using a sponge I dabbed it in one colour and then pressed it lightly over the surface of the frame. I then moved on to my second colour and continued working like this until I felt as though the colour was even all over.

I left it to dry fully for about 48 hours and then did a few touch ups where I thought they were needed. At this point I was very happy with my finished piece and put the two mirrors next to each other and couldn’t believe my eyes. They looked like they belonged together as a set and I was so incredibly pleased with how similar they looked! I still absolutely love these mirrors and the plan is to put them up in our spare room once we have decorated it so I can have them on display as they deserve to be! Let me know what you think of this and if you’ve ever had to think outside the box in order to get what you want.



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