Wallpaper Wardrobe Doors: The Update

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you may have seen my post last year about how I transformed my wardrobe doors and gave them a new look. Well, I have a little update for you all…

I have been staring at these doors for a few months now and couldn’t quite figure out why they didn’t look right. Of course I was pleased with them but there was just something that I couldn’t put my finger on that felt as though it wasn’t working for me aesthetically. After debating for a few days I decided to repaint the wooden moulding to match the grey on my bedroom walls. Luckily I had a tester pot left over meaning I didn’t have to open a whole tub just for this task.

I masking taped off my doors using blue painters tape and began work updating the colour on them. (Side note, if you use masking tape and don’t get on very well with it then try this one. It is more expensive but you don’t get that crackling paint effect like you do with other rolls of tape.) Using an angled brush I painted one coat on and then after it had dried applied a second coat because I really wanted the colour to stand out against the white doors.

Once it was fully dry I pulled off the tape and instantly I knew I had made the right choice. The grey looks so much smarter and classier than the previous white colour. I am so much happier with it and feel like the room now has a boutique hotel vibe to it which makes it very relaxing before bedtime! Let me know if you think I made the right choiceΒ or if you’d have done it differently.



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