Beauty | How I Clean My Make-Up Brushes

Hello readers! So this year I thought I would expand my blog into other areas of my life and include some posts about Beauty, Lifestyle and Food. To kick this change off I am going to run through one of the most basic routines every make-up user needs…brush cleaning techniques!

I have two ways of cleaning my brushes depending on how dirty they are and when they were last cleaned. Now, I recommend you clean your brushes every week. I know that sounds quite frequent but would you use the same face towel or make-up wipe for a week without washing it? Yeah exactly! So the first way is for those of you who have not cleaned your brushes in a while or at all!


Dirty brushes ready for their weekly clean!

You will need a small bowl or dish, some olive oil, a clean towel and some washing up liquid. I like to use the Fairy liquid antibacterial one so that I know all those germs are getting zapped. What you need to do is squeeze a dollop of washing up liquid into the bowl along with the same size dollop of olive oil. Then you need to take each brush one by one and swirl it in the mixture of the two liquids. I like to sit them in the sink once they are coated so the mixture can get to work on the brushes. Once you have done this with every one of your brushes you need to run them under the tap while swirling them around the palm of your hand to get all of the mixture out along with the dirt on your brushes. Make sure you rinse each one thoroughly or you will get clumps in your make-up if any residue is left. Then you need to leave your brushes on a windowsill or surface on the clean towel to dry overnight. I should also mention that this method works for brushes, sponges and other utensils alike.

My second method is much quicker and more for those refresh washes where you need clean brushes but don’t have the time to do each one thoroughly. I recently found a life saving product in Lush called Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar. If you don’t use Lush or their products then you need to get them in your life. They are all natural and so good for you. These shampoo bars have come in so handy for washing my make-up brushes. I got myself a little tin to put my bar in and it does make it easier to clean them using this tin. What you need to do is run the shampoo bar under the tap and then swirl each of your brushes in it until they foam and then rinse them off under the sink. Then you just need to lay them down on a clean towel to dry. Although the drying process takes the same amount of time using both methods, the latter feels far less laborious and I can usually clean all of my brushes in about 5 minutes.

Let me know how you clean your brushes in the comments below and what other beauty posts you’d like to see from me.


Clean brushes ready to be used!


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