Day 11 | Festive Bunting

Wow we are almost at the end of my 12 days of DIY and is there any other way to express a celebration than to put up some bunting? I think not! Which is why I made some of my own for the festive period.

For this DIY you will need to get yourself some suitable fabric or material. I bought a fat quarter from Hobbycraft so I could use it for other projects too. Then you will need some very sharp scissors, ribbon, needle and thread and some optional hemming tape.

First you want to measure the length of the area you want to cover and cut the ribbon to suit. It is best to cut slightly more than you need as this way you can let it droop a bit which looks very cute on the wall. You then want to cut your fabric into strips of 17cm by 22cm. I cut 8 strips of fabric to cover my kitchen wall. Next you will need to cut your strips into triangles to make the traditional bunting shape. To do this, I folded each of my strips in half and using a ruler and pencil, drew a straight line from one corner to the other. I then cut along this line through both side of the material and discarded the excess. This then left me with 8 triangles to put up.

Before I could attach my triangles to my ribbon, I needed to hem them to create a more finished look. You can do this either by hand with a needle and thread or on a machine. Alternatively, you can take the lazy option and use an iron and some hemming tape which is what I did. All you need to do is fold each side over back onto itself and put a strip of the tape underneath and press down with the iron. This will create a neater look and is very quick also!

Lastly, I sewed my triangles onto my ribbon using needle and thread. You can attach them using glue or tie string onto them it really is up to you and how you want the finished piece to look. I wanted it to look very neat so I sewed my triangles on whilst the irbbon was already on the wall so I could see how far spaced apart I wanted them. Then you are pretty much done! If you use a few shortcuts you can easily complete this in under an hour. Let me know what you think of mine and show me if you’ve tried this yourself! I’ll see you all one last time tomorrow for my final DIY! Happy Crafting!


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