Day 10 | Lollipop Stick Snowflakes

So today’s DIY is especially for all of you with children or for those of you who are still a child at heart. It’s a very effective and pretty DIY but with minimal effort required except a lot of creativity.

For this one, you will need a few packs of lollipop sticks (depending on how many snowflakes you want to make), a glue gun and some optional spray paint in a colour of your choice. The aim of this DIY is really in the title. I will be talking you through how I made my versions but essentially they are just lollipop sticks arranged in a snowflake pattern to hang from your ceiling or stick on your walls.

If you browse through Pinterest and type in popsicle snowflakes you will come across many different ideas, each with their own patterns but I wanted to just get creative and make my own. The great thing about this DIY is that you can’t really get it that wrong because no two snowflakes are the same. This is why it is a perfect one to do with kids – although maybe leave the hot gluing to a responsible adult!

The first pattern I tried started out as a hexagon with a cross in the middle and then I just built the spokes of the snowflake up bit by bit. The way to do this is to arrange them in a shape and then once you are happy, take your glue gun and start gluing them in place. I really do recommend that you lay them out flat first before gluing them down as this way you can change the pattern if you’re not quite pleased with it.


I made my snowflakes quite big as I will be hanging them along with my Paper Stars above the table for Christmas day but you can make them small and then hang them from the mantelpiece or banister. To do small ones all you need to do is glue a cross using 2 snowflakes and then add another cross on top but the opposite way so the two crosses together make an 8 point snowflake.

Once I’d made lots of different sized snowflakes all with different patterns, I then had to decide how I was going to decorate them. As the theme in my conservatory is red, white and grey for Christmas, I figured white spray paint would be the most appropriate as not only is the most matched colour to the real thing but it also keeps them quite neutral to use in other rooms if I wanted to. I went on to spray paint this as painting each one would have taken a lot of time and I don’t think I would have achieved quite the same finish.

I really enjoyed doing this DIY as it enabled me to just let my creative juices flow. The nice thing about this also was my mum was able to join in on this one and together we both made a couple of designs each one Sunday morning so it felt like quite a nice Christmas craft project to do together. I have taken a few pictures of some of my finished designs but let me know how you did yours and also how you decorated them? The possibilities are really endless with this DIY as you can cover them in glitter, spray them different colours and really go all out! Hope you all enjoy this DIY and I’ll see you again tomorrow. Happy Crafting!

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