Day 8 | Christmas Garland

Since we started saving for our house, I had a clear vision of what I wanted it to look like at Christmas time. In that vision, there was always a banister with a luxurious garland wrapped around it made up of foliage and other essential seasonal items. With it being my first year in our own little place, I decided to bring my vision to life. Here’s how I did it…

Firstly I bought two fake fir garlands from Wilkinsons. This garland is very thick and luscious, and for the price, is extremely good value for money. I bought two as I knew I needed this much to cover the area going up my stairs and then onto the landing. I attached the two garlands together using garden wire and then overlapped them a little bit so you couldn’t see the join.


Next I tied, again using garden wire, a set of 40 clear battery lights down the length of the two garlands. I found 40 was the perfect length for this DIY as it covered the length of the two garlands put together. I went for warm white lights for this project so as to create a nice glow up my stairs.

Once I had secured all the lights in place I then wrapped my garland between my banisters. I threaded it through every other gap so that you could see the garland from both the stairs and whilst sitting in the lounge as well. I tied a piece of green ribbon at each end of the garland to hold it in place against my railings. I also used some sellotape to place my battery pack underneath the hand rail so that I could switch the lights on and off easily.

After I was happy with the positioning of the garland, I began adding finer details to it. I started off with some Orange Slices that I had previously dried out from an earlier blog post. I then used berry picks and cinnamon sticks to cover any gaps with a lack of foliage or where I felt a bit of colour was needed. All these items were secured using green garden wire which really was a godsend for this DIY. It is so easy to use and keeps everything nicely in it’s place even whilst being disturbed so I would highly recommend you purchasing some.

All that was left to do now was to turn it on and admire it from the comfort of my sofa! I am so pleased with how it turned out and because it is fake I can use it again next year. All I need to do is be careful when taking it down. Let me know if you’ve done anything creative to improve your staircase and how you got on. I’ll see you all tomorrow for another DIY. Happy Crafting!

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