Day 7 | Christmas Doormat

Each year I see the cutest doormats available to purchase just for the festive season. As a new homeowner this makes me very excited for the season and I wanted to join in on all the fun! However, as you guys must know by now  I never buy anything in a shop if I think there is even a slim chance I can make it myself!

So I set about designing and creating my own Christmas doormat. Firstly, I bought a coir semicircle doormat from Ikea at £7. I highly recommend these Ikea doormats as they are under £10 for a plain coir doormat but seem to last a lot longer than the pre-designed ones in stores. They have both semicircle and rectangular doormats in store so there is a choice for those of you that prefer a rectangular doormat as opposed to a semicircle like I chose.

Once I had selected my doormat, the next thing to do was to come up with a design. I wanted the colours red and white on my doormat as I find these the most festive at this time of year. I decided to go for a candy cane striped background with the simple words of “Merry Christmas” written on the front. Sometimes I think less is more so I didn’t want to go over the top with this.

To set about putting my design into action I grabbed a roll of gaffa tape and started sectioning the areas off where I didn’t want paint. Luckily, I have painted a doormat before so have learnt from previous mistakes. Last time I did this DIY I used masking tape but the paint kept seeping through so this time I made sure to buy gaffa tape instead. I knew I wanted to leave a gap in the middle for the text I was going to write so I measured the middle of the mat out and taped this off to create a rectangle of gaffa tape.I then started taping off the diagonal stripes to create the candy cane background. It then looked like the below.


I then, using acrylic paint, started to paint the background of the doormat. I always use acrylic paints as they are more hard-wearing and as this doormat will be outside it could get wet and with acrylic it won’t run. If you decide to do this DIY yourself and use a coir doormat, make sure you paint the doormat using a brush and rather than painting it on, you will need to dab it on to make sure the paint goes deep into the fabric. Once i’d left the mat to dry overnight, I took the gaffa tape off to see how it turned out. I then painted in the background of the rectangle in the middle with a grey paint so that when I painted my text on it would stand out more.


I originally wanted to do red and white stripes on the background but after taking off the tape I really liked it with just red and then the colour of the mat coming through so decided to leave it as it was. I then bought a lettering stencil from Hobbycraft to write Merry Christmas on the front in white acrylic paint. Again, I dabbed the paint on using a flat ended brush so that the paint went deep down into the fibres of the doormat. When writing on any project I always start in the middle with the middle letter and work my way outwards. It’s always horrible when you write on something only to realise you’ve run out of space for the letter required. This little tip should help in future to avoid it happening to you.


After I’d painted the text onto the doormat I decided I wanted to put a little boarder round the writing to finish it off. I originally tried to do this with paper doilies but they were too fine for the material of the doormat and it didn’t show up properly. Instead I went for a dabbing method to make it look like fresh snow! This turned out quite well and all I did was dab the paint on lightly so that it was barely there in the centre and then more heavily painted on near the edges. In the end I liked the way this looked and when the paint was wet I sprinkled a bit of glitter onto it too so that underneath the Christmas lights it would sparkle! Overall I am really pleased with how this turned out. The great thing about this is it is personal and can be customised to your style and taste so that people get a feel for your Christmas theme before they’ve even stepped in the door. Let me know if you tried this and what design you went for in the comments below! Happy Crafting!

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