Day 6 | Christmas Pudding Baubles

Each year for Christmas I make a few baubles of my own to add to my large collection. This year we saw some Christmas Pudding baubles in B&M but they were coated in glitter and very colourful – not the look I was going for with my tree this year. So I decided to make my own instead, as I so often do.


For this DIY you will need as many or as few round baubles – preferably cardboard so that you can paint them. I picked mine up in Hobbycraft and they were very cheap. The .first step is to spray paint them in either brown, bronze or gold. You want them to look like Christmas puddings so these colours will be best. As I had a can of gold spray paint lying around I decided to do these gold. After spraying the baubles and leaving them to dry, the next step is to get some white acrylic paint. It’s best if you use a paper plate for this step as you can roll the tops of the baubles in the paint to make it look like they have been dipped in cream as they would in real life. Once you have done this, I recommend you hang these somewhere while the paint dries. I placed mine in some egg cups whilst they were drying as this way they wouldn’t spin around and flick paint everywhere. It is also a good idea to leave some paper underneath to catch any excess paint so it doesn’t go all over your floors!


I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle to my baubles so I sprinkled some glitter onto the paint whilst it was still wet. After the paint had dried I just needed to add some finishing touches such as holly and berries. I managed to pick these little toppers up from The Range which were perfect for my baubles. I attached these to the top using my glue gun and that was them done. I am so pleased with these as they fit perfectly with my christmas tree theme and are so individual too. Give these a go next time you’re feeling creative and let me know how you get on. See you tomorrow for another DIY. Happy Crafting!



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