Day 5 | Christmas Centrepiece

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you’ll know that back in the Autumn I made a candle wreath holder to welcome in my favourite season. For today’s DIY I decided to do a Christmas version for my dining table ready for the big day itself. The basics are the same as my original post but using different materials and colours to reflect the time of year.

For my Christmas version I decided to use white roses, poinsettias, holly leaves and berries, pine cones and fir sprigs. I used the same base as last time, a willow wreath, and built my centerpiece up in very much the same way by adding the larger items first and filling in the gaps between using leaves and berries. The good thing about using a willow wreath for this DIY is that you can often poke the flowers through to hold them in place without the need for a glue gun or florists wire. If you want to make yours extra secure however, then you can use either of these two materials to hold the wreath in place.


Most of my materials came from either The Range or Wilkinsons but you can collect items over a few weeks and build your wreath up slowly. I then put my wreath onto a cake stand I got from Home Sense and placed a large Cinnamon scented pillar candle in the middle. I think this will look great on my Christmas table this year against a white backdrop with lots of fairy lights around.

Let me know if you’re enjoying the MissPinkChloe 12 days of DIY in the comments below and if you gave this DIY a go! I’ll see you again tomorrow with another DIY. Happy Crafting!

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