Day 4 | Cinnamon Stick Votives

Wow is it day 4 already? Today I bring you a DIY I did a while ago but just haven’t had the time to write about it. For this one you will need a glue gun, some cinnamon sticks and glass jars or votives for tealights and candles. I picked my glasses up from Wilkinson for £1 for 4. Sadly one of them broke but I still have 3 to use for this DIY! So let’s begin.


Items you will need.

First make sure your glasses are clean and dry. Once they are prepped for the task ahead you can begin by gluing a bead of hot glue using your glue gun onto your glass. You want to do this down the side of the glass. Next take your first cinnamon stick and gently press it onto the glass. Make sure you hold it down for about 10 seconds until the glue has dried or it will just fall right off again. Slowly but surely you need to repeat this again and again working around the side of your glass. When I first did this DIY a few of mine fell off and this was because the glass was just too cold. Make sure you are warming it up a bit in your hands as you go as this will help the two materials to bond. You will also need to be quite delicate when pressing your cinnamon sticks down as the more you disturb the already stuck sticks, the more likely they are to fall off.


I like to also glue between the sticks as well as the glass so that they stick to each other. In terms of the pattern you want to create, it is really up to you. I like to alternate between large and small sticks and then with some stuck roll side down and some the other way around. This way they look more rustic and homemade but if you prefer more of a neater look then I suggest arranging them and measuring them before you glue them down until you are happy.


Once you have managed to fill the whole glass all the way around it is time to secure it all in place for good measure. I like to do this with some natural twine and autumnal pendants you can get in any craft store. I have one in the shape of a pumpkin and one in the shape of a leaf for mine but you can use whatever you like. I wrapped my twine around twice so that it had more security but this is completely up to you. You can also use ribbon or any other material of your choice to complete this step.


Then these are pretty much done! All that’s left now is to pop some tealights in and sit back and enjoy the nice aroma these votives give off. Let me know if you gave this a go by tagging me in your pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Links for my channels are at the bottom of the page. Happy Crafting!


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