Day 3 | Hanging Paper Stars

I’ve been wanting to do this DIY for so long but haven’t had an excuse to display the finished project anywhere! Now ’tis the season, I can finally get creative and for a good reason too. This DIY is so appropriate for the party season and easy to customise to suit your theme/decor. These hanging paper stars look so good from my conservatory ceiling so let me show you how I made them.


Firstly you will need some scissors, a glue gun or some kind of glue like PVA, and lots of paper bags like the old school bags for pick and mix sweeties. I tried my paper stars using different sized bags each with different designs and colours. The first step is to select between 10 and 12 paper bags depending on the size and make sure the tops of the bags are all at the same height. If you are using sweetie bags then it is likely one side is higher than the other so just cut it to fit the same as the shorter side. Then what you need to do is glue a T shape onto the front of the bag like the photo below.


You will then need to stick the next bag on top of it and then glue another T shape on this one and continue this until you have stuck all your bags together. The next thing to do is cut your design. Because I wanted mine to look like paper stars I cut a long triangle into the top of the bags first. I then added some extra designs down the side so they were a bit different once opened up. The first one I did kind of looked like a Christmas tree once cut which made for quite a pretty pattern. It’s worth mentioning that you need to cut through all the bags at the same time for this to work. If you decide to cut some shapes into the side of your bags, make sure you leave some paper in between like I have or the overall shape won’t work in the same way.


Once you are happy with and have cut your shape, you can slowly and carefully unfold it. To do this you need to take the last side of the top bag and draw it round to meet the first side of the first bag so the bags glued together form a circle. You may need to gently open out some of the bags as they can become stuck together. After this, you can glue the two ends together to complete your hanging shape. I then made a small hole in the top of the stars and threaded some twine through to hang the stars from.

I hung these on my conservatory ceiling and I just love them. They look so good for the party season and I know my guests will love the atmosphere in the room that these tend to create. Let me know if you gave them a go and how they turned out! See you again tomorrow for another DIY. Happy Crafting!









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