Day 2 | Light-up Lantern

It’s day 2 of the MissPinkChloe 12 days of DIY and today brings possibly the quickest and easiest Christmas DIY of the season! Browsing through Pintrest at the DIY’s, you will often see people filling various lanterns with baubles and fairy lights. I decided to give one of these a go myself and it didn’t turn out as bad as I expected!

Firstly you will need to get yourself a lantern. I managed to pick up a lovely large copper one for £6 in my local HomeSense. Then you need a pack of baubles in whatever colour you want. I chose a large pack of rose gold, gold, copper and white as this DIY will be going in my conservatory so these colours would be most suitable. Lastly you need some fairy lights. You can choose either mains or battery operated ones in whatever colours you like. I went for warm white lights and because we have a lack of power sockets in our house, I got battery operated ones.

The first thing you need to do is fill your lantern up with all your baubles. Then you need to drop your lights in and if you can, try and arrange them amongst the baubles so they weave nicely. An easier way to do this would be to blu-tack some of the lights to the bottom of the lantern then fill it up with the baubles then add the rest on top and give the lantern a bit of a shake.

This DIY is easier to do if you have a lantern that opens on the top rather than on the side like mine, as the first time I opened it, all the baubles fell out! Once you are happy with the layout and arrangement you are pretty much done! I decided to blu-tack my battery pack to the under side of the lantern so that it is hidden from view but this is of course optional.



This really is the quickest DIY I’ve ever done and probably one of the most effective. Let me know if you’ve tried this and how you got on with it. I’ll see you all again tomorrow. Happy Crafting!


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