DIY | Marble Windowsills

When we bought our house in Milton Keynes last year, the previous owners has coated every single wall, skirting board and window sill in an off-white Egyptian Cotton colour by Dulux. Before we could inject our personalities into our new purchase we first had to undo a lot of work that had been done previously. This unfortunately meant sanding and painting over all the wooden surfaces in the house to bring them up to a more modern standard.

Throughout the house we painted every windowsill and skirting board in a satin white wood paint and proceeded to do the same with the windowsills in the conservatory. However, after each time of painting them, a strange brown colour would slowly seep through as if the conservatory was resisting it’s new outfit! In the end, I had done a total of 4 coats and it was still happening so I knew I would have to think outside the box. If paint wouldn’t work then why not cover up the old colour with something different?

Thus began my search for another material to use. At one point I was going to spray paint the sills but couldn’t find examples of where this had turned out nicely. One day I was browsing through Amazon and came across some marble contact paper or otherwise known as sticky back plastic from school! I decided to buy a roll and give it a go. I measured my window sill both width and length ways and then bought enough to cover one side of the room as a trial.

Before doing anything further, I wiped the sill down with white spirit and a cloth and re-measured again just to be on the safe side. I then cut a length from the roll and placed it on the windowsill to make sure I had cut enough. I then carefully peeled back a small section and stuck it down onto the edge of the sill. Slowly but surely, I peeled back bit by bit of the paper and stuck it down using a wallpaper scraper and a tea towel. If it goes wrong then don’t worry as the stuff is relatively low-tack and can be pulled up and stuck down again quite easily. Then it’s a case of smoothing out all the air bubbles. If there are some that won’t smooth over then grab a pin and prick the bubble and smooth the air out of it. No one will ever know!

To finish the sills off I just needed to make sure all the corners and edges were stuck down properly and nicely folded and I then gave them a wipe with a damp cloth. That is pretty much it! It really is that easy and it pays off because they look so expensive and classy. The best thing about this idea is that they are wipe clean so even if you spill drinks or paint onto the contact paper it wipes off pretty well.

Let me know what you think of these and leave a comment below. Happy Crafting!

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