Upcycle | Kitchen Bar Stools

One of my favourite things about our kitchen is the lovely wooden bar we have at one end of the room. This space is so useful for kitchen appliances, prepping meals and having late night conversations over a bottle of wine.

Of course, we needed something to sit on in order to have these drunken conversations in our kitchen which meant the need for some bar stools. I’m not a fan of the chrome gas peddled bar stools and besides they would not have fit in well with a “Country Kitchen” theme. Therefore I set about scouring the internet for some stools to keep me busy.

I stumbled across a pair of pine bar stools on eBay that I knew would fit in well with the rustic decor we had. I set about sanding them down all over so that the surface of the stools was rough and meant the paint/varnish would adhere better. I then wiped it down with white spirit to ensure no debris was left.

Here I was troubled with a dilemma. What colour to paint the stools? Our kitchen cupboards are cream, one main feature wall is blue and our other three walls are white. I thought the best option would be to start with a layer of white furniture paint and go from there. I originally wanted to paint the whole stools the same colour but after painting only the legs I really liked the look of it and decided to leave the top halves as natural wood.

Once one coat of white was applied and dried, the stools just didn’t quite look right. So I decided to continue with cream. I used this paint for my stools as I wanted a matte look due to the finish on our kitchen cupboards and fixings. After two coats of cream paint they looked ready to go. I then just needed to decide what to do with the top sections.

I have always liked the colour of natural oak so it was only appropriate to try and do it this colour with a wood stain. After it had dried I was really pleased with it and against the natural wooden worktop it looked really good. All that was left was to apply a coat of clear varnish to protect the wood and they were good to go.

Overall they fit into the decor of the kitchen very well and since being done we have had a huge amount of use out of them. We get comments on them all the time about how well they fit in with the general theme of the room and they come in extremely handy when we have visitors round and always tend to congregate in the kitchen! Let me know what you think by leaving a reply below.

Materials used:

White furniture paint

Cream furniture paint

Clear varnish

Oak stain


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