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Following on from my last post featuring the DIY Candle Wreath, I wanted to go all out in preparation for the festive season and decorate the house with all things autumnal. By recognising the change in seasons and reflecting this in your house it means you can still feel warm and happy when the dark and cold nights approach.

It is so incredibly easy to give your home a new look with the change of season. This can be done with candles in every room (ok, so it may be excessive but it’s what i enjoy)! It can also be achieved with soft furnishings like rugs, cushions and blankets. To create an autumnal feel in our own home, I started looking for bits and bobs in September that would come in handy further on in the year.

Firstly, we purchased a large green shaggy rug for the living room and a green check blanket to lay over the back of the sofa. Our house can get quite cold in the winter so this was not only decorative but necessary! To create a warming ambiance I chose candles in complementing smells that reflected this time of year well. Things like Pumpkin, Orange, Amber and Ginger all work very well as they have deep earthy smells but are not too Christmas like in their scent.

Fairy lights are an absolute must for any house when it comes to the colder months of the year. I’ve always been a fan of soft lighting but fairy lights create a cosy atmosphere without being too invasive. I bought two packs of fairy lights on Copper wire so they can be bent around obstacles. One set was wound around the banisters up the stairs and the other I arranged in a big glass jar to look a bit different than just plonking them on the windowsill. Alongside this I bought a silver pumpkin that I could use year on year that wouldn’t die on me. I know we all love pumpkin carving but sometimes pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween!

Lastly, an essential in every home throughout the Autumn months is pine cones! I picked some up from Home Sense and sprawled them across my windowsill as they just make me feel so calm. There is something very satisfying about bringing the outside in which is why there are always plants in my home. I’ve posted a few pictures to give you an insight into how these elements come together to give off an autumnal feel but there will be more to follow as Christmas draws nearer…


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