DIY | Autumnal Candle Wreath

Finally Autumn is here! Autumn is definitely my most favourite season. I love all the smells of pumpkin and spices, the cold weather starts and you can tuck into big hearty bowls of soup and snuggle up under a blanket. I love it when the nights start getting darker and the trees start turning brown. Basically I have a bit of a thing for Autumn!

As this is my first Autumn as a homeowner (yay) I wanted to decorate the house to not only mark the season but to prepare for Christmas! On a recent trip to Home Sense I spotted a gorgeous candle wreath with Acorns and Maple leaves and all things autumnal. It wasn’t exactly a budget breaking item at £12.99 but when I saw it I just knew I could make one myself better and far more to my taste.

I set about collecting items like artificial flowers, decorative items like mini sunflowers and glittered pine cones as well as a willow wreath like this one. Once I had sufficient materials, I laid them out and began planning where I wanted things to go. I used a hot glue gun and florists wire to secure the items onto the wreath and worked round in a clockwise motion. Starting with the largest items first I built the wreath up little by little until I was happy all the parts of the wreath were covered.


To finish it off I placed it on my dining room table on a large mirrored candle plate and placed an adequately themed Pumpkin pillar candle in the middle. The smell of this wreath is amazing as I used real cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices and when these scents mix with the burning candle the whole house smells like a crisp autumn morning. The great thing about this project is you can customize it however you like with your favourite flowers and items.


Next time you spot a decorative item that you think will look great in your home I challenge you to think about making one yourself instead. Let me know what you think of mine and if you’re after a list of items I used then here’s some below.

Cinnamon Sticks

Maple Leaves

Pine Cones



Florist Wire


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