Upcycle | Kitchen Memo Board

Like any organisational freak, I love a good ol’ list. Something better than a list however is a big board for all your lists! My love of lists and all things organisational is the reason why I was so keen to get a memo board up in the kitchen. I didn’t want just any functional memo board though, I wanted it to look good as well.

Originally, I had my heart set on making my own from scratch but after finding one at the back of my local Home Sense store for a mere £20, I couldn’t resist. It had all the features I was looking for, a blackboard on one side, and pin board on the other. I’m not a huge fan of wipe boards as they can look too school-like but blackboards are so retro that it just works! The only problem with my fabulous find was the dark blue boarder around the edge. We have a duck egg blue wall in our kitchen that this board was intended for but the dark blue edging just didn’t work well with it. The blue ribbon on the pin board side was a fairly good match but I can’t think for the life of me why they didn’t paint the boarder the same colour?

Therefore, I got my thinking cap on and decided to make it work somehow as I was not going to be defeated that easily. The cupboards in our kitchen are cream and the board was going up onto a blue wall which meant that cream would help make it stand out nicely. For a moment I thought of painting it white but I couldn’t visualise it properly so stuck with the cream.

I like to use this paint for my projects as it goes on so smoothly and has such a nice chalky finish which I knew would work well against the blackboard. Luckily, both sides of the memo board were screwed onto the boarder so could be removed quite easily, saving me a lot of time rather than having to masking tape off the area. After removing them I sanded the frame lightly and gave it a wipe down using white spirit. I then applied two coats of paint until I was happy with the colour. I usually like to seal the furniture I’m painting with a clear matt varnish like this one to protect it. However, as this board was going to be hung on a wall, I didn’t think it was necessary.


Overall, the new colour works so much better with the kitchen, i’m just slightly annoyed I didn’t take any before pictures now! I think memo boards like this one are a great tool for breaking up a large piece of space where you don’t want to hang any pictures or art work and they come in extremely handy for the weekly shop!



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