DIY | Home LED Marquee Lights

One of the latest trends sweeping the nation of Britain is Marquee Lights in a range of words and letters.  I’ve found the most popular ones are those that say “Home” or “Love”. I’ve always wanted one of these to sit on a windowsill but they can be really expensive and often demand a nearby power socket (for which we are very short on in our house). However, fear not as I can show you how I recreated my very own marquee sign.

Firstly, I decided to choose the word home as love is a lot more girly I think for a joint household! Then I went out and bought some cardboard letters. Mine are from The Range but you can find similar ones here. If you are buying cardboard ones you may have to take the front of the letters off with a Stanley or craft knife like I did but it does make it easier for pushing the lights through. With wooden letters you can often buy them with the front already exposed but it does mean having to drill holes into the back of the letters in order to push the fairy lights through, so the choice is really up to you.

After I had my cardboard letters ready to go, I spray painted them in one of my favourite colours of this year – Copper.They were then ready to be filled with my fairy lights. I used ones that were bright white with 20 lights on them as I had 4 letters which made it easy to work out that there needed to be 5 holes in each letter for the lights so that they were evenly distributed and looked better. You can pick these lights up at almost any supermarket or home store and usually need 2 x AA batteries so they are easily movable around the house and can be stored anywhere.

Lastly, I punched some holes in the back of the letters using a craft knife and pushed the fairy lights through so you could see them on the other side. It’s also a good idea to plan out where they will go by measuring the lights before you poke the holes through as your string might be longer or shorter than you originally anticipated. I then taped the cord onto the back of the letters so it didn’t poke out et voila! Your very own light up marquee sign without the dent in your wallet! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this before and how it turned out.20160911_193520


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