DIY | Wallpaper Wardrobe Doors

Don’t you just hate it when you have a huge (in the words of Taylor Swift) “blank space” that you don’t know what  to do with?! Well this is what I was faced with when it came to my wardrobe doors.

In our main bedroom we have a wonderfully useful walk-in wardrobe  – one I have always dreamed of. However, the double doors seemed to look a bit sparse against my sumptuous Raspberry Meld wall so I began planning a DIY project to make them less boring.

After deciding on reflecting the wallpaper that was on the opposite wall, the first thing I did was to change the awful gold door handles to some classier glass knobs. We’d already sanded and painted the doors a nice satin white so all we needed to do next was work out how we would decorate the wallpaper onto the doors. Of course just pasting the doors wasn’t an option as our wallpaper was striped and the doors weren’t hung straight by the previous owners! Therefore, my genius boyfriend came up with the idea of framing the paper onto the doors with moulding – much like a hotel in Rome we’d stayed in last year. We settled on this moulding, bought the relevant amount and began marking out the area on the door in pencil that we wanted the paper to cover. We then cut the paper to size and stuck it on using extra strength double sided tape as this way if it went wrong we could remove it easier. We then glued the moulding on top of the paper around the edges so that it was finished off nice and neatly. It was then already starting to look better as you can see below.

Lastly, I just needed to paint the pine moulding so that it matched the wardrobe doors and our masterpiece was complete. It certainly gives the room a more elegant feel and breaks up the vast quantities of pink with a slightly more masculine tone which partner is pleased with! What do you think? Let me know your thoughts or share what you would have done in the comments below…

20160831_212443 (2).jpg


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