Upcycle | Copper Wine Rack

When my partner and I bought our first home back in December 2015, one of the first purchases we knew we would have to make was a big ol’ wine rack! However, wine racks that not only look good but function correctly are in excess of hundreds of pounds. We really had our hearts set on a cast iron one much like this one, but as you can imagine it isn’t exactly purse friendly for someone who’s just bought a house! Therefore, I knew I’d stumbled across a bargain when I found this cast iron wine rack that holds 15 bottles in the back of the charity shop.20160827_184554 It was an absolute steal at £8 and all it needed was a lick of spray paint. For this, I used a Copper coloured spray paint as it was going in our Conservatory (where we have embraced an industrial/natural material theme). All in all, it was an easy, quick and very cheap DIY project at a mere £11. It fits perfectly under our stairs now as when Summer came around the wine was getting considerably warm! We get so many compliments on it and even though it was easy on the purse strings it certainly doesn’t look that way.IMG_20160827_185810


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